Policies and Procedures

As of November 2015, Florida State College at Jacksonville has implemented a new online format and design to the Board Rules and Administrative Procedures Manual (APM) web page to provide a more user-friendly experience for employees and members of the public who want to know the rules under which FSCJ operates.

Policies are approved by the District Board of Trustees. The president may issue procedures to support and implement policies approved and adopted by the Board, if they are necessary. An Index of the Board Rules and APMs has been created to make it easier for users to see all APMs that are attached to a Board Rule.

Clicking the link in the left navigation column titled “Board Rules” takes you to the Table of Contents page which divides the Board Rules into easily identified categories by rule number and classification. As you click on a specific Board Rule number you will be directed to a page that lists all rules and associated APMs. Click the hyperlinks under the Rule Title or Procedure Title column to see the full description.

You may view and print Board Rules and APM items from this site. These Board Rules and APMs are maintained by the president's office and proposed changes or additions to the APM must be approved by the president's cabinet.

If you need further assistance regarding the College's policies and procedures, please contact:

Catherine Hodges
Records Management Program Coordinator
Florida State College at Jacksonville
501 W. State Street, Jacksonville, FL 32202
(904) 632-3196